Vitamin Distributors

We offer various options for vitamin distribution channels to our clients. One of the most significant channels is through our vitamin wholesale distribution network. Most vitamin manufacturers find it difficult to establish a good chain of supply for their products through a trusted distributors. We are have solved this problem for you and simplified the whole process to ensure that we able to manage your products well until the moment they reach the final consumer. The kind of services we offer no other distributors can match us. There are many reasons why you should choose us as your number one vitamin distributors. This reasons include:

A good management system.
A good management system is the key to a proper distribution channel. Our management is well organized and comprises of highly staff who are equipped with a lot of experience. Our staff are well known for their high levels of professionalism and their ability to meet the clients needs. To us, the clients’ needs and preferences are given given priority. We aim to preserve the clients confidence by maintaining very accurate records of all our transactions in addition to being able to account for every move our company under takes. With this tool in our closet we are one of the best vitamin distributors in the market.

Specialized equipment.
We also offer specialized services for highly perishable vitamins and those that need special transportation. Our distribution channel consists of state of the art transportation units and storage facilities. We have cold rooms all over the United States along with planes and vehicles fitted with refrigerators for those vitamins that require cold storage. This is also important for those vitamins that need to reach to consumers within a short time.

Our chain incorporates the use of technology to reach wider markets. Our online site offers information about our services and also sales various of vitamins. Here our customers can purchase directly from us without going through middlemen. Thus our vitamin supply will be cheaper through elimination of middlemen and thus making our products very competitive in the market leading to more sales. You can also monitor the movement and sales of your products through our technology. Our transportation units are fitted with GPS navigation system that enables you track the movement of goods in transit. This ensures safety and security of your products.

We are here to assure you that by choosing us as your vitamin distributors you are making the best choice for your products. Your satisfaction is our priority.

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